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Mr. Turner is an active trader who has been working in the financial industry for over 24 years.


Mr. Turner currently teaches trading and finance classes at Dixie State University.


He has also been invited to present at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Education Centers on multiple occasions; even having been featured as the 'CBOT Event of the Month!'


Mr. Turner is the founder of Gecko Software, Inc, and designer of the Track ‘n Trade LIVE trading platforms, and charting software applications.


He's an accomplished author, publisher, and public speaker, having published several books on trading, as well as having taught live trading seminars and spoken at conferences across the US, as well as internationally.


Mr. Turner is an active and avid GA pilot, who loves flying his airplane and enjoys promoting general aviation as much as he loves trading the financial markets.



President's Club (1-on-1 Mentoring w/Lan Turner)

What You’ll Learn:

  • The Most important component of your President’s Club membership, is the one-on-one mentor ship you’ll receive working directly with Mr. Turner.

What You'll Receive


You’ll receive Lan’s current market analysis video newsletter reserved exclusively for President’s Club Members.  Multiple times a week, Lan produces videos where he analyzes the markets, provides insight to what the markets have done, in lesson form so that you can learn from current live markets, as well as upcoming active market trade recommendations.


You'll also receive every trading course, and boot camp Lan has created, along with his personal 1-on-1 Mentorship through each course; including all the courses listed on this page, and any new courses, and video materials he produces during your time as a member.


Receive significant discounts along with first rights of refusal for seats to Lan's live seminars, and events.

  • Learn the Bulls ‘n Bears Trading system strategy.
  • Stop Loss Secrets
  • Learn Fibonacci & Elliott Wave patterns and strategies.
  • Risk and money management strategies.
  • Learn how to buy and sell options.
  • Learn the Autopilot trading system
  • Attend Lan's live online trading webinars, classroom style.
  • All Mr. Turner’s Courses are included, plus so much more…
  • Plus, you'll have Mr. Turner personally help you through the learning curve.

How Is This Done?

  • You receive access to a private education center just for President’s Club Members, which includes all Lan’s published and unpublished courses, research materials, cheat sheets, and more.
  • Lan posts his consulting hours on the web for his club members.  Simply click on the date and time you want to meet, have your questions ready, and then let Lan do the rest.
  • Discuss the actual live current markets.
  • Discuss concepts and strategies learned from previous weeks video lessons.
  • See how Lan’s education works directly in today’s market.


Stocks, Futures & Forex Video Newsletter
(Recommendations and Current Market Analysis)

Take Action immediately!

Receive updates throughout the week of trade recommendations, and trading strategies.

  • News Cycles, Government Reports, and market moving events.

Lan Turner, along with the other mentors at TradeMentors create current market analysis videos in an effort to keep you up to date on what's happening in the current active markets.

  • Video's not only include what to trade, but why and how.
  • We cover Stocks, Futures & Forex; all three major markets, along with options trading.
  • Watch, and learn as we analyze the active, current markets.
  • Learn as we talk about the risk vs. rewards of each trade.
  • See why were recommending the trade, and how we're putting on positions.

Don't miss another trade recommendation and trading opportunity.

Each trade recommendation is a lesson in itself.



Daily Live Trading Room

Join David Duty in his Daily Long(er) Term Style Position Trading Room


Not everyone wants to be a day trader; David Duty is a 30-Year Market Veteran who runs our Live Position and Options Trading Room.


Join David each morning as he reviews the current markets for long(er) term position trades.

*(David also provides Award Winning Common Sense Commodities courses, see below for details!)



10 Steps to a Successful Trade!*

Getting Started Trading Futures and Foreign Currency

Lan Turner's most popular course.


"The author, Lan Turner, knows more about technical analysis of the financial markets than anyone I've ever met!" says Dr. Scott Brown, internationally recognized PhD in finance. "If you want to learn how to trade the commodity, futures, and options market, Lan is the man!"


How to make the commodities, futures, and options markets your next best investment.*


10 Steps to a Successful Trade is your 'getting started guide' to trading the commodity futures & options market, the course walks you step-by-step though the technical and fundamental analysis steps to placing a trade.


You will learn to master these steps through 100 full color chart examples, as well as 10 on-line multimedia videos lessons, one for each chapter, where you'll watch, listen, and learn directly from the author as he walks you through example after example, trade after trade.


Also receive two hours of 1-on-1 time with Lan Turner as he personally walks you through the course.



The Fibonacci Effect (Bats & Butterflies)

Count, Measure, Setup, Trigger and Follow Through.


The Fibonacci Effect combines the advanced strategies of making trades using techniques combining Elliott Wave Theory with Fibonacci Count & Time Measurements.


We also delve deeply into the most effective Fibonacci patterns; the Bats, and Butterflies.


By combining these very powerful trading methodologies, traders will be able to project price and time, turner points, then receive calculated entry and exit triggers.

  • If you've already taken the Heisenberg Day Trading course, this is a must, as it adds a third dimension to an already amazing trading system.

This course including a series of educational videos created by the author, and is for anyone who is interested in trading the Stocks, Futures, and Forex Markets; beginning traders as well as veteran trader love this course.


Also receive two hours of 1-on-1 time with Lan Turner as he personally walks you through the course.



Risk & Money Management (Stop Loss Secrets)

Getting into a market is easy, getting out, consistently, with a profit, takes real skill.


Trading is like playing chess, most people know how the pieces move across the board, but lack any kind of actual strategy.  In Stop Loss Secrets, we delve into the strategies you can use to pin the market into the corner, and take it's pieces.


For a single one-time investment you get the answers to the following questions.

  • What is the best way to maximize trades, and reduce risk?
  • How do I maintain my position in the market, even when its moving against me?
  • How do I, as a small investor, participate in the huge markets?
  • How and when do I exit the market?
  • What are mathematically calculated trailing stops, and how do I use them?
  • What is an intercept order, and what's the difference between that and a contingency order?
  • The best way to implement multiple exit and entry stops for maximum account potential.
  • How to use options as a soft stop, allowing you to be right, even when you’re wrong.
  • Learn Lan’s secret Parachute Stop Strategy.

Also receive two hours of 1-on-1 time with Lan Turner as he personally walks you through the course.



Options on Futures; a Crash Course!

Why Trade Options?


Our Options Boot Camp is an in-depth study of how to trade traditional options on futures.


Buys & Calls, Strangles, Straddles, Collars, Butterflies, etc...When trading the futures market, it’s always a good idea to have as many extra arrows in your quiver as possible, and trading options can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling methods of taking advantage of the futures market that there is.

  • If you’ve had a heartbeat during the past several years, you’ve certainly seen all the rage on the Internet about extremely high risk Binary Options...well, this is NOT that.
    • We teach you how to use options to reduce risk, not increase it.

The Overwhelming Benefits of Trading Traditional Options.


Options give you the right, but not the obligation to buy or sell a commodity at a specific price; when buying options, your profit potential is unlimited, and your loss is limited to the amount of money (premium) you paid for the option.*


It’s time to put on your big-boy pants, come with me, and learn how to take advantage of trading options on futures.  Don’t get left behind.


Also receive four hours of 1-on-1 time with Lan Turner as he personally walks you through the course.



Autopilot Boot Camp (Automated Systems.)

Let the computer trade for you.  Set it and forget it!


Today, the computer can actually trade the markets for us, while we go to the grocery store, or attend to other matters, like spend time with the kids at a movie.


The computer can actually:

  1. Find trading opportunities
  2. Decide if it should execute the trade
  3. Place entry orders, and stop orders
  4. Automatically move trailing stops
  5. Exit our trading positions

All while we’re out taking care of other pressing business.


The Autopilot Educational Mini-Boot Camp


Goal of This Course:


When you walk away, you’ll know how to implement every features built into the Track ‘n Trade Autopilot, and how to build your very own Autopilot Trading Systems, designed for each type of trading scenario and market.


Never rely on someone else to make trading decisions for you again.


Also receive two hours of 1-on-1 time with Lan Turner as he personally walks you through the course.



Common Sense Commodities

Not everyone wants to be a Day Trader!


David Duty, a 30-year market veteran teaches position trading in his high acclaimed courses titled Common Sense Commodities & Options.


In David's Courses You'll Learn:

  1. How to get started trading commodity futures.
  2. How to use mathematical models to help you make better trading decision.
  3. Projections and Retracements using Fibonacci & Elliott Wave.
  4. Recurring Price Patterns, setups for entry, and triggers for exit.
  5. Risk & Money management; how to protect your portfolio using options

Join David in his Live Daily classroom webinars, as he teaches what he preaches.


Goal of This Course:


When you are finished with David's course materials, our goal is to have you up and running on your own, able to make your own decisions, and start trading to build a better retirement, fun and enjoyment.

“At first, because I’m such a beginner, I felt a little intimidated, I thought I would embarrass myself in front of you, LOL, but you're so easy to talk to, and you bring it down to such a simple level, you answered all my dumb questions, and was so much help, I can’t believe you take the time out of your busy schedule to personally help guys like me, I can’t thank you enough!”

James, Pittsburgh, PA

1-800-862-7193 Ext. 2

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