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Get current market analysis done for you, personally, by Lan Turner himself.

Current Market Analysis


One of the privileges of your President's Club membership is access to all of Lan Turner's Current Market Analysis Videos; which include:

  1.   Updates of what markets are hot and not, which markets to trade.
  2.   Trade Recommendations, see what markets Lan recommends.
  3.   In-depth analysis showing WHY he's recommending the trade.
  4.   Detailed explanations of HOW to execute the trade; enter and exit
  5.   Follow up lessons on how each trade has progressed.

These Current Market Analysis videos are detailed, on-going, instructional videos on when, why, and how to trade the active markets.


As a member of the President's Club, you'll be talking with Lan Turner personally on the phone, review charts together, and ask questions about his current market analysis videos, as well as you own personal trading progress.


This is all done through live conference call screen sharing software, where you can see Lan's computer screen, and he can see yours.

What You'll Learn, Courses Included


Train with Lan Turner personally -- Track 'n Trade Mastery Classes


  1.   Day Trading; Stocks, Futures & Forex (The Heisenberg Methodology)
    1. Fibonacci & Elliott Wave
    2. Recurring Price Patterns
    3. Setups and Triggers
    4. Follow through to exit
  2.   10 Steps To a Successful Trade
    1. Which markets are best for you? Stocks, Futures or Forex?
    2. Day trades, short-term trends, long-term trends
    3. Market entry and exit strategies
  3.   Fibonacci Bats and Butterflies
    1. In-depth study of Fibonacci & Elliott Wave
    2. Fibonacci calculations
    3. Projections and retracements
    4. The Bulls 'n Bears & Indicators
  4.   Stop Loss Secrets (Risk and Money Management)
    1. Contingency & Intercept Orders
    2. Jump stops and Auto-Trailing stops
    3. Intercept to enter, Intercept to exit strategies
  5.   Options Boot Camp
    1. How to trade Options
    2. Beginner Option Strategies in Stocks, Futures & Forex
    3. Advanced Option Strategies for long-term investing
  6.   Autopilot Boot Camp
    1. How to automate your trading
    2. Semi-automatic mode, let the computer help you trade
    3. Fully-automatic mode, let the computer trade for you.
  7.   Commitment of Traders?
    1. What is the COT?
    2. How to implement the COT into your trading
  8.   Contract Spreads
    1. ​What are spreads?
    2. How to trade spread
    3. Advantages and Disadvantages of spread trading

Who is Lan Turner?


Mr. Turner is an active trader, who has been working in the financial industry for over 24 years.


Mr. Turner is the founder of, Gecko Software, Inc, and designer of the Track ‘n Trade LIVE trading platforms, and charting software applications.


He's had the opportunity to teach his Futures, Forex, and Stocks trading ideas and concepts to clients, professional traders, and brokers from around the world.


He has also been invited to present at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Education Centers on multiple occasions.


He's an accomplished author, publisher, and public speaker, having taught live trading seminars across the US, as well as internationally, at several universities, and currently teaches classes at Dixie State University.


Mr. Turner is an active and avid GA pilot, who loves flying his airplane and promoting general aviation as much as he loves trading the financial markets, and sharing his trading knowledge.

"Trading is a lot like playing chess, most people know how the pieces move, but very few people have any kind of strategy."


-- Lan Turner 

"The Stocks, Futures & Forex markets are spectacular, and I can't wait to share my knowledge of these markets with you!'


-- Lan Turner 

Getting into the market is easy, getting out with a profit, consistently, takes a well trained master trader.


-- Lan Turner

See what some of my clients have to say:

Trading School Webinars

I watched your TradeMentor webinar tonight.  You are an amazing teacher.  I love watching your training videos and appreciate your talent and your software.


Club Member

Awesome Webinar!

Hi Lan....WOW..awesome webinar!  You really are a good instructor. Really enjoyed this webinar thanks so much for your patience.


Club Member

Master Teacher

You have really shifted into a higher level with this last attempt at explaining what you have learned from your experience, you have refined your presentation and have raised your teaching to the highest level.  You are a master teacher.


Thanks for your work, Lan Turner, master teacher; you are the best.


Club Member

See Through My Eyes

When I watch you on your video's I am so impressed with your natural ability to show things so clearly.  Being able to see the markets and trading through your eye sight, is something I have been longing for..


Club Member

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